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2 in 1 Hair Straightener & Curler

₨1,800.0 ₨1,199.0
75Free Home Delivery Nationwide! Cash On Delivery! Product Highlights: Diameter: 26mm Power: AC 220v Power Plug: 2 Pins Temperature Options: 120oC, 140oC, 160oC, 180oC, 200oC Package Includes: Instruction Manual

Bluetooth MP3 and Charger for Car

₨1,800.0 ₨1,199.0
75Highlights: High efficiency Safe and reliable Smart USB car charging 2.5 AUX audio output Big button PTT Affordable Multiple colors

Gamepad Gaming Controller

₨2,500.0 ₨1,599.0
75  Free Home Delivery Nationwide! Cash On Delivery! Product Highlights: Wireless Gamepad gaming controllers Joystick for Smartphone Stably support for multiple devices like smart phone, pad, TV, TV box with Android platform 4.0 and above. Bluetooth wireless connection, may freely manipulated without delay within 10 meters. Download supportive games, mobile phone connected directly without ROOT, wtihout having to install drives, without having to set up the key mapping GamePeka. Joyfully enjoy the massive games in…

Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner

₨2,000.0 ₨1,199.0
75Free Home Delivery Nationwide! Cash On Delivery! Product Highlights: Car vacuum cleaner 12V power. Cord: 10FT cord with cigarette lighter plug. 12V power cord:10FT cord with cigarette lighter plug. With work light(with on/off switch). ideal for toughest wet and dry clean up job. Accessories With flexible.

Remote Control Emergency LED Light

₨1,050.0 ₨799.0
75Free Home Delivery Nationwide! Cash On Delivery! Product Highlights: Material: Plastic Light in Weight Portable Rechargeable Wireless Charges via Socket Power: 800 mAh Working: Up to 4 Hours On/Off Switch Economical

Vegetable Cutter 3 in 1

₨1,400.0 ₨999.0
75Free Home Delivery Nationwide! Cash On Delivery! Product Highlights: Easy to use & Easy to clean Safe operation Stainless Steel No electricity required Silent operation Beautifully designed

Micro Max Trimmer For Men

₨1,200.0 ₨950.0
75Product Details: Micro Touch Max personal hair trimmer. Green part for use nose, Ear. Eyebrows, Sideburns. The Micro Touch Max easily removes unwanted hair Get as close as blade yet it safe to the touch Micro Touch Max is a 3rd generation personal hair groomer. It has 50% more power than previous models. Cludes a built in light

Spiral Potato Slicer

₨1,600.0 ₨1,250.0
75Product Highlights: < This spiral potato cutting tools can only be cut in a spiral without peeling the skin. < Perfect for you who want to go to the snack food business. < The snack business now again mushrooming everywhere. < Show something different from the others because of the results of the different pieces. < This materials such as cassava,radish,cucumber or apple, < It could be a dough that you form yourself according to…

Stainless Pepper Mill Grinder

₨1,450.0 ₨950.0
75The grinding mechanism can also easily be unscrewed to adjust grinding fineness and can be replaced. If needed providing you with a life long product of outstanding quality and style. Perfect for bringing flavor into any kitchen. Fully adjustable grinding mechanism from coarse to very fine A long lasting rust and acid proof product. Features: Material: Stainless steel Product Type: Spice Mill Power: Manual Usage: Hand Held Stainless steel and high quality thick glass

Stainless Noodles Making Machine

₨4,000.0 ₨2,900.0
75Stainless Noodles Making Machine Perfectly Roll the dough up to 8 thicknesses. Cut into lasagna strips tagliarine or fettuccine with the help of the cylinder removable double. Secure machine with the hook on the counter and work safely Durable made of stainless steel. Complement your machine with incredible Marcato

10 Shape Biscuit Cookie Machine

₨1,600.0 ₨1,200.0
75Product Details: 10 Shape Biscuit Cookie Press With Biscuit Recipe How To Make it Biscuit At Very Easy Cookie Making home. Cookie Press Machine Biscuit Maker Cake Making Decorating.

Motorized Electronic Duster

₨1,800.0 ₨1,200.0
75Product Highlights: Designed for comfort, the handle is ergonomic and balanced to make dusting feel almost effortless Motorized duster that spins and do the work for you Makes dusting faster,easie r and more fun Safe to use on delicate items Equally effective for narrow and hard to reach areas Multi-surface spray traps dust on the duster head Specifications: Handle Size: 240 x 50 x 50 mm Net Weight: 393g / 13.86oz Power Source: 4 AA…

Paint Zoom Sprayer

₨6,000.0 ₨4,500.0
75Product Details: Electric Paint Zoom Sprayer Paint GunPaint zoom is an innovative painting machine that allows you to paint all the different types of surfaces at home including stucco, brick, paneling, ceiling, wood, concrete etc. This fabulous invention helps in saving a lot of your money on painting and will provide you professional painting results. Now you can paint your home on your own only. Paint zoom is powered with a portable 1000 watt motor.…

Automatic Soap Dispenser

₨1,800.0 ₨1,200.0
75Hands Free Automatic Soap Dispenser Ideal for Both Kitchen & Bathrooms Brand New & High Quality Innovative Technology Simple to Use Magic Soap Dispenser Features: Pop-Up Lid for Easy Refills Built-In Infrared Smart Sensor – Motion Activated Fully Automatic and Touch-Free Operation Clear Window to Display Fill Level Sanitary Prevents Cross Contamination & Germ Transfer Innovative Non-Drip Design Eliminates Waste & Mess Lights Up & Chimes Use with Hand Sanitizer to Kill 99.9% of Germs…

Gola Ganda Maker Machine

₨3,000.0 ₨1,400.0
75دیسی گولا گنڈا بنانے والی امپورٹیڈ مشین، اب گھر میں ہی گولا گنڈا بنائیں

Automatic Tooth Brush

₨2,400.0 ₨1,800.0
75Highlights: Removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Power up to a better clean with the Health Precision Clean battery-powered toothbrush. Your teeth and gums will feel pampered You’re removing more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush each time you brush. Significantly cleaner teeth than a regular manual toothbrush Improved technology delivers more consistent battery performance Significantly improves gum health

Car Vacuum Cleaner

₨1,500.0 ₨950.0
75Features: Versatile wet/dry vac for your car Operates on 12 Volts (Use directly from the car lighter socket) Vehicle Power Adapter included Washable Filter Compact & Lightweight Design Easy to use and affordable Package Size: 28.5cm x 9.5cm x 11.5cm (approx) Cable length: 250cm (approx) Rated input power: 60W

Colors Changing LED Shower

₨2,000.0 ₨1,050.0
75Highlights: Rainbow Effect 7-Colors LED Shower Powered by Water Pressure Colors Switch Automatically via Water Flow Unique Fun Soothing Experience Material ABS Plastic Quick and Easy Installation Adjustable Swivel Connector

Double Fan 360 Degree Rechargeable

₨2,000.0 ₨1,150.0
75Double Rechargeable Fan 360 Degree Rotatable Specifications: Type: Cooling Fan Max. Power: <20W Type: Ventilation Fan Air supply mode: Rotary Vane Material: Plastic Fan Speed: Third Gear Power Source: Rechargeable Battery Power (W): 2.6w Voltage (V): 3.7v Size: 6.6 x 13.5 x 9.5cm

Mini Sewing Machine

₨3,000.0 ₨2,390.0
75Product Details: 10.5 inches in length by 8 inches high and 4.75 inches wide Wall plug instead of batteries for hours of sewing fun 1 presser foot pedal included with a drop in J style bobbin Stitch up to 6 layers at once Red writing on the white machine allows for easy viewing of the stitches offered on the machine. The reverse button is helpful and lets new sewing enthusiasts control when stitches are reversed…